Calling someone a cuck is next-level stupid (Why I can't discuss politics online anymore)

Picture it. The year was 1998. A 22 year old girl with her first Compaq desktop computer with dial-up internet. Tori Amos playing somewhere in the background, a well-loved, dog-eared copy of Stop The Insanity strewn across the bed.

The anonymity of the internet gave me a thrilling freedom. I had all kinds of internet handles. One was strong_black_woman. Another was catsarepeopletoo. I didn’t edit my thoughts or think about how this will affect so-and-so, blah blah blah. I wrote, I offended, I blogged before it was called blogging. I livejournaled. I diarylanded.

My Space and Facebook created transparency when I was perfectly fine with the opaqueness. In the wake of Eric Garner’s death in 2014, one of my Facebook friends came out in support of the NYPD with stark pomposity. I hovered over the "delete this friend" button and off he went into the internet void. He was not missed.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I started paying more attention to world news and politics and just a tad less to YouTube and Bravo (you know Andy Cohen owns me, right?). 

For some people, posting politic opinions doesn’t stress them out. Or maybe it does. Or maybe they thrive on the arguing? If my blood pressure is going to rise, I want it to be for better reasons. 

I can only talk about politics in person with people I respect, and for now, that’s all I’ve got in me. I can’t go down a rabbit hole of comment after comment of “snowflake”, “libtard”, “you liberals”, “cuck".

(You should read this: Why Angry White Men Love Calling People Cucks)

One of my overall goals is to intentionally decrease my stress and clear the physical and emotional clutter. You can refer to my About This Blog to see why I started this.
I enjoy a well thought-out difference of opinion, since it forces me to challenge my own ways of thinking. But I can't get sucked into insults and poorly-formed arguments. Not with 4 more seasons of House of Cards I haven't watched yet.

I'm also not the liberal-whisperer. It's not my endgame to get you to see things my way. You don't have to agree with all my viewpoints. In fact, you shouldn't. I'm usually wrong. I was the one who said Sex and the City wouldn't be successful.* 

So with great restraint, my Facebook feed has been politics-free. I still read political posts and articles of which I don't always agree with, and I may groan, I may even go through a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch while I watch you find even more creative ways to rationalize your racism, but I can no longer engage. But feel free to keep posting. It's a free country, for now. 

*This 100% totally happened. 


  1. You're such a snowflake :) I think you nicely summarize what many of us feel - having an intelligent discussion with someone who doesn't want to have their views challenged (but of course wants to change yours) is near impossible. It is not a fault entirely with the right-side of the political spectrum, but it certainly leans one way more than the other. Respect is lost, and being "right" and "winning" (even by force) is more important than understanding. Too bad.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yeah...seems having the last word and talking down to people is more the goal. Sad!


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