I went to a chiropractor for my migraines

I find that people are usually anti or pro chiropractor. Which one will I be?

I had my first appointment last Saturday in a questionable late '70s wood paneled office with Jesus stuff strewn around here and there, and an anti-vaccination book on the desk. I looked at my sister who had set up the appointment as if to say, what did you get me into?

Once in the examining room, I was asked to disrobe, leave on my “underpants” and put on a gown. I was like, um, hey now. I’m here for migraines, I don’t know what you’re trying to do here. But the exam was minimal and she did x-rays and checked my range of motion. I was then told to go to this room and “watch a movie” while she examined my x-rays. OK, I thought. Here it comes. The Jesus video.

I was set up in a room with a few rows of chairs in front of a TV while the receptionist set up a DVD.

“You can just shut it off when you’re done,” she said, handing me the remote control. She shut the door and I braced myself indoctrination. Maybe it was Scientology stuff, with an intro by Tom Cruise. But it was only about what to expect from chiropractic care. I was semi-disappointed, like when George Constanza hired Sunshine Carpet Cleaners and didn’t get invited into their cult.

After the video I was basically told both my neck and hips are fucked up and how the fuck was I walking around like this. She didn't use those words. But she did say my neck was a mess and my hips were basically twisted up "like something happened".  Like Law & Order SVU something happened? She asked if I grew up with a step-father. No, Detective Benson, I never had stepparents. Why don't we get me on this here table and get cracking?

So I got adjusted, which was a little scary but kind of interesting. I have been adjusted before, and it's always like that. I have to mentally stop thought and not hold my breath, and then comes the crack.

So my thoughts so far:

The place gets points for personality. The day of the appointment, I did have a migraine, but I haven't since. I have another appointment this Friday and will gladly keep going if this helps.

I do like the idea of less pills and a more holistic approach. I know if this works I will be chained to this place, constantly told to drink more water, and maybe even be invited to church. I'll continue to update.


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