My Aspirational Wardrobe

I have an aspirational warbrobe. Do you?

I used to shop for a life and a body I didn’t have.
This included (but not limited to):

Pleather pants with a drawstring
A hound’s-tooth jumper dress
Pleather pencil skirt
6 inch teal cork wedges…
Pink polka dot high waisted pencil skirt
Super short white shorts…
A frilly white lace romper

And the non-aspirational stuff?

Lots of thin, cheap Forever 21 tops, shirts with random numbers on them, tank tops that had shrunk, “cold shoulder” tops I would wear once then grow tired of.

I didn't have a wardrobe. I had a closet full of clothes I wouldn't wear or clothes I couldn't wear.

A few months ago was the first intentional clothes shopping trip I made. It was the simplest, easiest thing I could find, something I knew I would wear over and over again, something I knew that would always look good, be easy to wash, and go with everything: A black, scoop neck T-shirt at TJ Maxx. 

And let me say, to walk out of a discount store with one purchase is very hard for me. Because part of me is saying, but the sports bras. Don't you need those? When will you come back here? (Never mind TJ Maxx is 4 miles from my apartment).

I think this comes from being an '80s mall kid. After spending hours in a mall, you want something to show for your effort. And you want that something to be more than just one shirt.

You want to dump plastic bags onto your bed from different stores and see your loot. Like Halloween, but with active wear.

I've actually gotten way out of the mall habit but have replaced it with the online habit, but even that has come to a stop, or at least a very long pause. There are other things that need my money, like rent and Invisalign. And the less important things like food and gas.

Nope, I have not filled my virtual cart with leggings and crop tops from random Asian wholesalers this whole year. 

I'd like to explore the concept of a "capsule wardrobe" in my next clothing post, although even typing the words "capsule wardrobe" sounds really fucking pretentious.

But I've made it a goal this year to stop buying lots of stuff and then end up hating most of it. I think places like Forever 21, H&M and Target are hot spots for parting with your money. I kinda am glad we don't have a Primark around here, because I can see myself balls-deep with that kind of low cost extravaganza!


  1. Those people that came back from shopping at the mall with bags of stuff must have gone to private school. Too many John Hughes movies left me constantly wanting for a lifestyle that didn't even really exist in Miami. I deplore the idea of being a victim of trends and branding by an industry that corrupts and exploits and ruins the earth....but man oh man do I love clothes. So how to reconcile the two? Good second-hand buying...ebay is great. And finding those classic pieces. I wish we lived closer so we could work on this capsule wardrobe idea together.

    1. LOL at John Hughes movies. Life was never like that in the 305. Still isn't. I admit I fall for trends...I try not very hard! And I have a secret loathing for designer bags except for Betsey Johnson.


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